A Steam Roller IS for Life

For many years the RRA has campaigned against the conversion of Steam Rollers into a form that they didn't have at some point during their working lives.

During 2002 the RRA launched a major car sticker campaign, based on the title "A Steam Roller IS for Life". All RRA Members were circulated with a sticker, for display during the 2002 Rally season.

In support of the campaign an article called "A Steam Roller IS for Life" by our Vice-Chairman and Archivist, Derek Rayner, was published in the May 2002 edition of Old Glory. The article expressed Derek's personal views but were endorsed by, and submitted on behalf of, the RRA Committee. Old Glory readers were able to show their support for the campaign by obtaining a "A Steam Roller IS for Life" car sticker, and a large number were distributed this way.

The original text for the Old Glory article, in PDF format, is available for download below :-

A Steam Roller IS for Life

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